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Get A+ truck for every load.

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TrucksOnTheMap is the trusted logistics partners’ community, where You decide with whom you connect and collaborate.

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TrucksOnTheMap is the safe truck-availability-map that visualizes all your own and your partner’s free trucks in the future.

Get A+ truck for every load.

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TrucksOnTheMap Users better freight rates, book shipments quicker, their trucks are running empty less often and they get simply more jobs done.
An innovation of TrucksOnTheMap is that it allows graphical map-searches for trusted, available trucks in the future.

“There’s a huge information asymmetry playing an important role on the trucking market.”

”New load-matching apps will unlock the excess capacity now hidden due to logistics inefficiencies.”

”Startups Accelerate Efforts to Reinvent $700 billion Trucking Industry. We’ve never seen a larger market opportunity.”

”The advantages of being able to book a shipment quickly and cheaply by app will remain.”

Oskar Salazar – Uber co-founder: “If you show me a market with information asymmetry, I’m going to show you a $1 billion opportunity.”

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Why should I use trucksonthemap?

Dear Logistics Expert,

As you know, truckload is a relationship business. The aim of the game is to secure transport capacity on time, of the right quality & quantity. At the best freight rate, as smoothly as possible. Being quick in truck booking is the key to profit. Visibility is, however, the key to customer satisfaction.

Well served and happy customers. Cover both, with the freight-tech of TrucksOnTheMap. Using the technology transport planners can fully execute truckloads: to accept, create and publish transport jobs and track-and-trace cargo real-time. Digital truck booking and full visibility.


One map for all.

  • SAFE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT: All starts with trust. Invite your current partners and create your trusted network. It is an exclusive truck booking platform for trusted partners only.
  • TURN EMPTY MILES INTO PROFIT:TrucksOnTheMap provides availability forecast. Transport planners can utilize flees better. They book closest-available-trucks per mouse-klick.
  • MORE JOBS DONE:TrucksOnTheMap users are 20x quicker. Without any e-mails or phone calls.
  • CROSS PLATFRORM VISIBILITY: Visibility is a key service that must be provided. On TrucksOnTheMap you and your customers can follow deliveries real-time, across all telematic systems.


Win-win, trough full integration.

  • SHIPPER: PREMIUM CONTROL - Automated freight-job allocation and cross-platform visibility. Interfacing to the current ERP or TMS, is our standard.
  • BROKER: DIGITAL FREIGHT FORWARDER TECHNOLOGY - Per-click truck booking process. Find&Book trucks much quicker. Increase efficiency radically. Work remotely as a real team.
  • CARRIER: BETTER UTILIZATION – Get backloads. Promote trucks to your trusted customers, simply by posting truck availability. Have direct access to your most trusted shippers’ freight jobs daily.

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See you on TrucksOnTheMap,

Tamas Domonkos, MBA