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TrucksOnTheMap provides transport planners with a truck-availability-map, that enables them to find & book trucks 25% quicker, with 30% fewer empty runs, exclusively in their trusted network.

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Why should I use trucksonthemap?
Since 2001 average levels of empty running have climbed and now stand just shy of 29%. In the UK 471 million km could have been avoided in 2010 alone, saving 164 million litres of diesel and £160m in fuel costs.

Running trucks empty is having a much bigger effect on profits and losses than ever. The haulier who is able to keep empty runs between unloading and the next loading point to a minimum, and lower than his competitors, has more paid kilometres and makes more profit.

TrucksOnTheMap is the reliable network, where hauliers can manage their fleet and share the future position of empty trucks with customers.